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Please, select a nickname and choose a channel. More advanced users may also connect using an IRC client via server: (SSLport: 6994).

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Help !

We have a MANUAL, where you can find help on the (services) commands used in IRC.

If you need more advanced HELP, you might want to talk to one of our experienced Server Operators.
Please, feel free to join us at the #HELP channel als talk to one of them, or send us a message #HELP channel als talk to one of them, or send us a message.

Info !

SOLIRC is a FREE Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network, running the lastest version (4.0.5a-SEC/Linux-NPTL-static) of the Conferenceroom software.

You could connect to our chat network, via an irc client (mIRC, Xchat,..) or use our user friendly webserver.

We also provide services on our network: NickServ for automated nickname management, ChanServ for channel management, MemoServ for internal messaging services and OperServ for advanced operator management.